Tuesday, January 29, 2013


How to Stay Slim Naturally with Healthy Diet Combined with Exercise and Fresh Air.
Most people know the importance of doing regular exercise, doing the warm up before you start your day, do some exercise or sports or to lift something heavier than usual.  But people always have too many reasons for not doing exercise – too busy, too tired, no spare time after work, household chores, can not find convenient or nice place or gym center, no friends to do it together, or simply lazy to do. Remember that exercise can burn extra calories, eliminate toxins from your body, speed up metabolism and help to lower your blood pressure and stress, and make you more energetic and naturally slimmer.

Here are some simple ways to keep you moving and healthy:
1)    Choose one or two kinds of activities or sports which you like, and do it regularly. You do not really need a sports center or gym center to do exercise, unless you like outdoor sports such as swimming, playing tennis or basket ball, otherwise you can do it at home anytime, make a schedule for your workout, for example in the early morning or in the afternoon when you can spare some 20 to 30 minutes, three or four time a week, is better than nothing.

Some useful outdoor exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, or Tai Ji or even gardening are good and would not cost you any money. If you prefer a weight loss solution offered by an expert, you can follow the Weight-Loss Plan by Doctor Oz too.

2)    Remember to do some warming up before a workout, whatever sports or exercise you do, you have to start slowly.  Even when you get up in the morning, before you leave your bed, stretch your body like a cat and do it several times from left to right, and turn your neck a bit too, with your arms stretch above your head.

3)    If you have more serious health problem, or if you suffer from osteoarthritis, bone fracture, spine problem or osteoporosis, it is better that you consult your doctor or chiropractor before you do any exercise.

4)    Get sunshine and fresh air whenever you can
As we know our body needs sunshine to make vitamin D for strong bones, and recent studies have shown a link between low levels of vitamin D and a higher risk for colon, breast, prostate, ovarian cancers and heart disease.  Actually 10-15 minutes in the morning or afternoon of sunshine will do, but make sure you get the sunshine early in the morning before 8am, so you will get extra infrared ray which is good for blood circulation without getting burned by ultraviolet ray.  Otherwise get some sunshine in the afternoon after 3pm.  Energy from the sunlight also keeps your eyes healthy.

If you do not have enough time to do the outdoor exercise, keep your house or work place well ventilated and let the sun shine into your house if possible.  Fresh air is important to keep your lung healthy and make you feel refreshing.
5)  Watch your diet 
Your body is what you eat, so if you want to be slimmer, take more fresh fruits and vegetables,  there are many great recipes for fresh green vegies and microgreens salads and juices that you can take any time and as much as you desire, besides try detox to flush out toxins and unwanted or excessive fat from your body.

6) Drink water to keep you hydrated
We are told to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, but personally I feel that our body will tell us when it needs (you will feel thirsty and dry)  and when it is enough, especially if you do not do much exercise or sweat a lot, or during cool weather you may need less than that.  For health reason, to drink 2 glasses of water, that is about 600 cc. of water early in the morning right after you wake up,  to flush out the toxins in your body is highly recommended.

7) Your meal can be vgetables, fruits plus nuts and beans, to maintain proper body weight, the best way is to avoid taking too much foods which contain carbohydrate and sugar, vegetables and fruits give you more fiber to stimulate metabolism while nuts and beans also provide minerals and protein and some fiber.