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 In my previous post I talked about the cause of cancer and the prevention, now here are tips to help you prevent cancer, or even cure it and regain your health. As cancer is caused by free radicals which damage our cells in our body, these damaged cells also need oxygen and nutrients to survive and multiply, so if we cut off the supply of oxygen and  nutrients to these free radicals by supplying antioxidants to the good cells in our body and boost immune system, then the cancer cells or bad cells will die out and the chain reaction of damaging good cells in our body will finally end, and leave our body will recover from time to time.
According to some research and studies, cancer cells can be eliminated or cured, and the earlier it is discovered, the higher rate of recovery it will be, so see your doctor and have a medical check-up if you feel something unusual with your body, discover it at an early stage plus determination to change the lifestyle is the key to fight it and regain your health.  Some preliminary studies on the benefit of veggies, beans, legumes and nuts have suggested that soy help to cure prostate cancer, and this may suggest a more important role for food in the treatment of cancer in the future.     
Here are tips to help cancer sufferers to help restraint the spread of bad cells and to recover  faster:

1.  Change your diet - become a vegetarian or vegan is good for both healthy individuals and cancer sufferers.  Studies results show that processed meat and fresh meat, charred and deep fried foods, or even poultry and contaminated fish can increase cancer risk, so become a vegetarian will help boost the immune system by increasing antioxidants in our body.  I became aware of the benefit of whole grains, fruits and vegetables since 15 years ago, but not until two years ago that I fully understood why a vegetarian could be healthier than a meat eater.   That was when I met someone who has been totally vegetarian, she suffered from ovarian cancer, back bone cancer and her vocal cord was damaged due to the spreading tumor several years ago, and after she had undergone surgeries and medication, she decided to become a vegetarian and change her lifestyle, joined detoxification program, and she survived, then she got better and better and became active in her church and community, now she is   a speaker and health promoter and help people to enhance health and recover from serious illness.
The main reason that make fruits and veggies the best for our body is that not only they contain antioxidants which inhibit oxidation of molecule and terminate the chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, they are also rich in plant protein and nutrients which can be easily digested and absorbed by our body, that is about 90~99% of  the plant protein we eat can be absorbed, compared to 70~80% of animal protein.   

2. Try detoxification – after we have changed our daily menu from a not-so-healthy one to a healthier one, we need to detoxify our body to optimize the benefit of whole foods and veggies and boost metabolism.  Detoxification is total cleansing to get rid of toxins in our body, it is not only good for cancer sufferers, but also good for sufferers of other diseases such as liver, kidney and heart disease, and it is great for everyone who wants to stay healthy.  Detoxification can be programs of  two days and 21 days, first try a one-day, or can also try a two-day program, this let us get used to the new eating habit before trying a much heavier detoxification program.  As for 21-days detoxification program each individual should have different daily menu depends on his or her health condition. Detox not only good for body cleansing, it has the effect reducing waistline, and make the body slimmer.

If you are interested and would like to know more about the 2-day detoxification program for free, just leave your comment and email address in the comment box at the bottom of this post.
3. Cut down refined salt, white sugar, white flour -  replace them with natural sea salt, palm sugar or brown sugar, whole grains or whole meań║ć flour,  it is necessary for a cancer sufferers to limit the intake of salt and sugar since salt is water retention and can raise your blood pressure, and sugar is toxic to our body, while white flour can increase your blood sugar. 

4. Stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking - drinking alcohol can make the already vulnerable body even more susceptible to cell damage because alcohol can resolve the toxins and make it easily absorbed and transferred to the whole body and organs.  Smoking is known as the main cause of lung cancer, also avoid second-hand smoke since it has the same or even more dangerous level.  Some experts always suggest that we drink plenty of water or mineral water each day is good for health.

5. Cook healthily - if you used to cook your food by baking, frying or microwaving, now it is the time to change your way of cooking by steaming, low heat sautee, quick stir fry with less oil, and eat raw food as much as you can handle (about 70-80% raw is the best), you can make veggies salad with french dressing, or blender them with your favorite fruits. I will talk about these healthy cooking foods in other post in future, ask for it  or subscribe this blog to get updates.
For those with cancer it is better to eat organic leafy greens just to avoid intake of toxins from pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer.  In case you cannot get organic veggies, you can grow some in your own garden, or grow microgreens in containers (will talk more about this in my next post ).

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6. Positive thinking -  usually if a person discovers that he or she has cancer, the feeling of hopeless and fear will take control and this actually worsen that person’s health condition.  Cancer is actually not that bad, considering that it is only good cells turn into bad cells which can be reverse under a certain condition, thus you still have a chance to fight it and regain your health and survive for years.

7. Do not forget to do exercise and avoid pollutant - choose one or two kinds of sports you like and do it routinely. Avoid polluted environment  while you go out, and look for clean open air space for doing exercise, brisk walking, swimming, or any exercise that suits you. If you cannot go the sports center or gym, you can do it at home, even 25 to 30 minutes three or four times a week will do, and keep your house well ventilated.

Keep in mind that nutrition for the person with cancer is important and it enables the body to fight at full strength, and it is necesarry to bolster the immune system, and the diet may be adjusted to cope with various symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea or nausea. Extra protein may be needed to help prevent loss of muscle from weight loss.