Friday, December 26, 2014


Many years ago I have heard about what damages the innocent looking white sugar or refined sugar can cause to our health, but not until recently I ran across some articles about white sugar and stunningly found out that the
chemical ingredients contained in white sugar can do such a tremendous disruption to our metabolism and eventually cause detrimental effect to our overall health and weakens our immune system.

White Sugar can be poisonous to our body
The relationship between white sugar and diseases is obvious and all the chemicals ingredients contained in white sugar can cause several diseases like heart disease, cancer , stroke, hypertension, diabetes, pancreas disorder, liver disease, ashma, just to name a few. White sugar is simple sugar that has a nickname called empty calorie food,  because in the process of making white sugar, all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients have been taken out or destroyed, and the following additives and chemicals are added, among them: calcium hydroxide, white mud, activated carbon, diatomite, ion exchange chromatograpy, styrene, divinylacetylene benzol, benzol peroxide, polyvinyl alcohol, bentonite, concentrated sulfuric acid, methacrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, methyl chloride, diethylenetriamine (DETA), etc. 

Besides, sugar refining industry often uses bone char (calcinated animal bones) and activated carbon for decolorizing.

The above-mentioned substances are mainly for industrial use and are considered lethal toxin. For example, polyvinyl alcohol is used in covering light bulb to make color light. Styrene is used for coating materials, Sodium hydroxide is used in making soap, Bone meal is known to be toxic and can cause mad cow disease if it is fed to cows, while Bentonite is used to absorb protein molecules from liquid solutions during refinery process, it could be toxic if it is contaminated or is industrial grade and not refined. 
Effect of White Sugar to Our Health
White Sugar does not contain Vitamins and Minerals. Depletion of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in White sugar processing can lead to symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Our body needs variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals to break down sugar to release energy during the chemical process to turn sugar into energy,  and one of the essential elements is vitamin B1, which is vital for brain function,  so if a person eats sugar but do not eat enough Vitamin B1, the sugar cannot effectively process in the body thus a person become fatigue and lack of energy.

White sugar has no Calcium in it, and when we eat foods which contain white sugar, our blood becomes acidic and calcium in our bones is drained as a result. During metabolizing processes, sugars turn into water and carbon dioxide, the latter is carried  into blood to be carried out of body through lung, it will make our blood acidic, in the meantime if our metabolism slows down due to lack of minerals, vitamins  and exercise,  in order to neutralize the acidity in blood, our body saps out calcium from our bones and teeth, which inturn cause osteoporosis and cavities. Weakened bone due to food acidity also translate into weakens immune system.
Overeating sugar also destroys essential amino acids which are vital to form protein in our body, even if the milk is boiled with refined sugar will also break down amino acid such as lysine and arginine rapidly.  If a person takes over 200g of sugar daily, the activities of white blood cells become sluggish, and hence weakens our immune system too.    we sometimes heard people said that they have pain in their joints similar to arthritis after they drank two glasses of high calcium milk each day after a period of time, this is mainly caused by calcium loss and the accumulation of acidity in the joints, since milk can cause calcium and protein loss if mixed with refined sugar.

The excessive refined sugar which is are not properly utilized and/or stored will also causes blood to become sticky, and can cause inflammatory  which in turn cause the blood pressure high.  Refined sugar also effects our brain and  when combines with refined (white) flour and butter or magarine, it could be deadly.
The Difference between Refined Sugar and Raw Sugar
White (refined )sugar is different with sugar in raw fruits, vegetables and whole foods, because the latter is natural with all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes in them, but the refined sugar is artificial with no nutrients at all.
In most of the processed foods sold in supermarket (see what is in processed food), are not only packed with refined sugar, they also contain white (refined) flour, preservatives, coloring, flavor enhancer, and of course mostly trans fat.
some chemical additives or substances are highly toxic when consumed and accumulated in a body and when it exceeds a certain amount or limit of which our body can handle, our body will fail to eliminate or detoxify the toxic substance and eventually our body will be poisoned by those ingredients, our organs will be damaged or  will not function as it should, eventually will cause many kinds of diseases.
Substitute For Refined Sugar
Replace Refined Sugar with  natural sugar such as coconut sugar, palm sugar, evaporated cane juice, milled cane sugar or molasses. A kind of plant called Stevia is also a good natural sweetener, and can be used for cooking, baking and making sweet foods.   Eat whole grain and use more sweat natural ingredients while cooking, such as beet roots, sweet potatoes, dates, carrots, etc.   For craving, take nuts and seeds, prunes, dates, raisins, fresh fruits instead of candies, milk chocolate or sweet pastries.